Another GREAT Song Ruined by HiFi Equipment

At 2:48, in one of the most memorable Rock guitar solos of all time, there is gnarly static in the left channel. Not ironic static like DJ Shadow and Amy Winehouse’s producer loves to coat their tracks in. But real, analog, poor recording shitty static.

Aaarrrrggghh. Another song ruined.

Not really, it’s still great. Queen’s legacy is safe. But I keep finding these things!


I find that a lot of the classic rock/metal I love is not great for super high detail kind if listening. Thankfully a nice warm pair of TR-X00 PH make most music sound pretty good.

Also I heard the static but I wouldn’t describe it a gnarly. If it makes you feel any better, just think if it as a little detail only you and your Hi-Fi friends can hear.