Another Massdrop warehouse sale, extra $50 off when you spend $200 or more

Seems like some pretty good deals in there

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note this is only good for US residence…the warehouse stock doesn’t ship to Canada. :frowning:

Those TH-X00 Ebonys look real nice for $350. Wish I had the cash to grab me a set lol

Yeah it’s a pretty good price for sure

why is that m9xx dac/amp so expensive? looks small

Grace design produces some pretty high quality components, mainly for studio, and it also sounds pretty great imo

what do you think is better? the ebonys or the purple hearts?

If you want a real basshead can the purpleheart, and if you want the more refined headphones the ebony

Bought the ebony’s $385.03. Heard the pads aren’t great for these. can someone recommend a good cheap pad for these?

The pads are going to change the sound, so it depends on what type of sound you are after

well i dont like the on ear pads, i like over ear

They are like semi on ear ish.

People like to put zmf pads on them, so I would look around there, as I think those are the most popular for the x00 ebony

ouch ZMF pads are expensive

Dekoni could be a good option as well

ouch Dekoni pads are expensive

Well, I mean, you could always stick with the stock pads

well i dont like the on ear pads, i like over ear

I would try them, as they aren’t on ear imo, but you could try other pads, but I haven’t tired other options. Stock TH610 or TH900 pads work too

omg, i just checked the sale and the headphones are gone! I was thinking of waiting on buying the ebony’s, good thing i didnt

Yeah they are pretty popular and now somewhat sought after