Another New $500 Planar

The $400-$600 planar market is getting quite crowded (which is not a complaint). Looks like another case of veteran speaker-based system makers trying to break into the headphone game. Too bad I can’t afford to take a $500 risk. Z, DMS, Josh, et al have a new toy to check out!

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doesn’t look bad. is the company brand new or are they a known quantity?

In what little reading I did the company has been around since 2012. It was founded by an engineer for Cambridge SoundWorks. He and a few other Boston-area audio geeks started Andover as a part manufacturer and supplier for other audio companies. This headphone and one other product - looks like a Sonos and Wave Radio type of speaker competitor - are the first products being sold under the Andover Audio name.


It looks really interesting. and the company has some props. cant what for the reviews

I like the monprice route of using a focal inspired headband on a wooden chassis. interested to see the reception

Also looks like the older hifiman sliders for the headband adjustment, focal yokes, and a ripoff of the audeze suspension strap part

I learned most of this from Sound & Vision:

The article states that the headphone will ship with 2 sets of pads, a thinner and thicker, with a 3rd level of thickness pads to be introduced in the summer.

To me, it looks like the thieaudio phantom stole erzetich rear plates, hifiman’s old style headband and beyerdynamic dt 1770 pads, lol