Another Recommendation Thread - DAC?

Current Desk System: PC (usb)> Behringer UMC22 (aux)> Koss PortaPro w/ Yaxi Pads | Nobsound NS-01g (speaker wire)> JBL Control Ones
I also have a XLR microphone running to the UMC22

Usages: Gaming and Listening to music
Issues: Distortion of low-end when above noon on volume knob
Location: United Kingdom

Wanting a more serious, low budget (£60-£100) DAC/AMP, Not sure what to do about the microphone. Not against an upgrade path such as buying a seperate headphone amp now, using the DAC fuctionality of the UMC22 to hopefully avoid the distortion and buying a better DAC later.

Thanks in advance.

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Leave the mic plugged into the UMC22. There are options to have an XLR mic and headphone DAC/amp in one unit (Yamaha AG03 for example), would not give you much of an upgrade on the Amp though.

You could go for a DAC/Amp combo unit (Fiio K5 Pro gets recommended on here a lot), not sure how price is looking in the UK.

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Fiio Amplifiers are pretty expensive and rare in the uk, specifically the K5 Pro is missing from almost all shops. The only official distributor apart from amazon listings: And they have a very small variety, will look at some similar DAC/AMP combos.

Options available in the uk
SMSL SD793-II - £57 / $72
FX Audio DAC-X6 - £60 / $75
SMSL M3 - £75 / $95
FiiO K3 - £85 / $115

Hard to pick one.

Have you considered the ifi Zen DAC ? Is that unavailable in the UK or out of your price range?

Sorry for the late reply, the ifi Zen DAC is available but at a hefty price, £129.00 / $164

Ah yikes. That would have been my recommendation but not at that price. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Alright, I went with none of the mentioned options, The Fiio E10K. Mainly due to availability. neither JDS labs or Schiiit had any in stock and a lot of other options seemed much more expensive in the UK than what they should of been or had month long delivery times.

Quite happy so far, definately feels more alive even without bass boost which more than likely means that my old dac was extremely sterile or bright, not sure if it’s £50 worth of improvement but I don’t think i’ll be returning it.