Antelope Audio Amari

Been looking into a professional dac for audio mixing on shorts and found this. It’s expensive so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it, what it sounds like etc.

That’s a great dac, pretty pricey but it does have a decent amount to offer. That being said, I wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t plan to use it as an adc as well as that’s where half the cost is. As a dac it’s pretty transparent, pretty quick, flat sound

The lynx hilo is also worth a look as well imo if you wanted another studio adc

The dangerous music convert 2 and burl b2 bomber are solid in that range as well

I think with my immediate resources I have access to antelope, benchmark, lynx and maybe dangerous dacs

The benchmark dacs are also pretty sweet. An adi 2 pro fs or a benchmark dac3 would give more value if you only needed a dac and no adc

Cool. I think the benchmark stuff is the most in stock item right now so that works well

Nice, if you don’t need the headphone amp the DAC3 L is pretty solid

Was also looking at the Dac 3 B. If I can send it line out to a headphone amp and speakers

That also would work just fine if you already have a means of controlling volume elsewhere for speakers

yeah was gonna get a preamp like the schiit freya plus

Sounds like a plan, that would be a good use of funds if you only needed a dac, and the benchmark would work pretty well in the studio. I think if you went for the other studio da/ad you would be paying extra for features you wouldn’t use

yeah. Ultimately I don’t need any analog to digital conversion so this would work best for me.

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