Any advice on 'ripped' headphone connector

Right connector of my aeon 2 closed
Ripped out (seems like accidental pull by me), Any idea if I can get it fixed or maybe even send back to Dan Clark audio?

Did anything actually break? It looks like the retaining nut might have come loose from the top of that connector…

There are these 2 things that I assume got ripped out of something?

No, that’s as designed only two wires + and - to power the driver. It’s not ripped anything. You can probably just crazy glue it back in.
Done and dusted!

i just kinda screwed it back by connecting the cable and twisting if that makes sense i think its back to normal thank! :slight_smile:

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If it pulled out once, it’s going to pull out again. A little adhesive will do the trick the next time should it happen again. Glad you’re back in business.