Any all-rounder warm headphones?

My current choice was the HD650/HD6xx, is this still a good one? Or are there already modern headphones that outperforms it?

I listen to nearly anything, but most of my songs are either rock, pop, or jazz. So an all-rounder headphone is something I would want. I just want something that I can sit down with, relax, drink coffee, and jam with the track. I’m restricting my budget to $500.

I currently have a SHP9500, tuned down to a warm signature - better bass, a forward mid, and a toned down treble. But the treble still gets in the way somehow. Toning it down further would already cause it to sound boxy. I assume buying a warm headphones fixes this. Soundstage and imaging with the SHP9500 are already enough for me. So any headphone doing a better job in that department is welcome.

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Nighthawk Carbon’s

/me waits for @Thotstomp . :wink:


Ahh yes. This one is in the recommended list. Will check some reviews on this.

Are the nighthawks still produced? It seems to be unavailable

sorry, get them used. they go for good prices. I love mine.

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:joy::joy::pray: they are a good choice and a bargain second hand.

To your point @adhoclex yes if you like the SHP you will enjoy the 6XX it’s enjoyment for your music taste and preferences and fits the budget seems a perfect match.

The nice part is that the 6XX scales with tube amps so upgrade the chain and further the capability *asterix on this it will only go so far. But it is impressive as everyone knows I recommend tube amps with high impedance headphones and gets mad at me for it. These people also look like this:


58x is a good option too, it’s a bit lower resolution than the 6xx, hard to explain, but it’s tuned more towards what you like and doesn’t need an amp.

Does the 500 dollar budget include the amp? or got that sorted out already? Also, warm and well rounded headphones are something that i too specialize in if you will. I’ve tried many in this price range, like Marzipan said the Audioquest nighthawks are something to consider, so are the Grado Hemps which are still in production and can be bough new. And of course the senheiser 600 series. Personally i’ve had experience with the nighthawks and hemps, both have a very pleasing sound signature however the nighthawks can be a tad darker in comparison while the hemps are much more balanced and warm imo. Both are fun and punchy altho the hemps are more dynamic and fast and detailed at the same time. But the nighthawks are indeed more relaxing. The senheiser, is something i haven’t tried yet :eyes: although i am already preparing myself as i recently bought a nice tube amp and will buy the headphone in the future. It all depends on youe source gear as well tho.


Senn HD 6xx + Schiit Modi/Vali stack is a possible $500 setup.

Spend once, look for a used unit. ATH AWAS is “warm and musical”. Nothing touches it other than the Senn HD600 which scales better but requires tubes to sound as good. Less airy high end, less fatigue on the high end, wonderful midrange, quality bass not quantity. (These are rough descriptions).
Awas is not as finicky of your source as long as it is clean all around. This is a textbook warm and musical headphone while also being beautiful. Sorry to make a recommendation that busts your Spending limit otherwise stick to Senn hd 600. One of the very few pieces I would NOT trade or sell because of what it can do.


Thank you for the info! I’m actually getting a tube amp to pair with it. I really cant afford highly recommended tube amps right now, but do the xduoo mt 602 or little dot mk2 performs well with the hd6xx?

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Isn’t hd58x more on the neutral sound than warm sounding?

no. its probably less neutral then either the 600 or 650/6xx. the xduo mt602 will do fine with senn’s

It’s the senn with the most bass and less upper mids by a long shot

A denon D5200 can be great,when the Amp is good the Dan Clark Aeon R/T a possibility.
Otherwise the Emu Teak when you can be wait.

Oh yeah, i suppose the amp is included in the 500. I did not took that into account.

I would like to try the grados. Im always curious on how it sound. If you were to choose one, nighthawks or the hemps?

I really wished that you had tried the senns so that you can include it in the comparisons! Haha

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Hahaha ill just laugh off the price. Man, i cant afford it, but looks awesome. Ill read some reviews on it. Thanks for sharing this.

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I see. I thought the hd58x is similar to hd600 which is more neutral ghan the hd650s/hd6xx. Personally, is it more warm or musical than the hd6xx? Would you vouch for it over the hd6xx?

Hmmm, it seems I can’t find any stock for the Denon. Looks promising though. And the Dan Clarks, man, they are just about $500 hahaha but I will look into it


Lol skipped the budget somehow, with $500 you could actually get the 660s specially if you find them on sale, or the 6xx/600 with a stack, those are the only open backs I’ve tried at that price that I would actually clasify as warm tbh.

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