Any Budget Wireless Earbuds can Give Great Sound on amazon?

Hi Guys,
After Spending week,Finding Budget Earbuds which can Deliver Good Sound,
i finally had to come here, because this is the only forum where at-last i get Support when i lost hope…

SO i been using Audio Technica A50x on my phone for listening Music, but i want to Get Rid of Over the ear headphones,
First Reason is,First Most Important Reason is, I Cant Sleep While Listening Music,i cant Change my Position to Left Side, if i do,i get pressure on left ear and Sound get Imbalanced
and Second Reason is i cant do Workout in Gym Properly and it Feels ODD for sure…
Are those some noise cancelling bluetooth earbuds which under $100?

Welcome to HFGF :smiley:

The new Moondrop Sparks TWS IEM is getting some good reviews although it doesn’t have ANC the passive cancelling is supposed to be pretty good and comes in under your budget :+1:

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Anker and Soundpeats makes good stuff, very mainstream and exciting tuning.

Lypertek and Samsung Galazy Buds would lean towards neutral tuning.

btw, noise cancelling is really only good for airplanes despite what the marketing departments want you to think. IEMs and TWS buds provide good isolation, tho, so that’ll block sound.

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WOW,thanks for your recommendation. i will try.

Anker always gets good. also my friend send me a 50% code "YOKK3F5M"of Cirtek air x8 which seems a new brand with a nice price.