Any good 5.1 AVRs, with a good headphone out?

Good as in “clean and not cloudy compared to my smartphone headphone out”, at least.

I can get a Pioneer VSX-832 for dirt cheap, but their own page says 10%THD headphone out (wtf!). Anyone tried it anyway? I don’t want endgame stuff, just clean sound for a little gaming room.

But, uh, well, just for fun and for everyone interested, list the endgame stuff too. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could just get an avr and a jds labs atom connected to the loop out. Then you have a great headphone out and can choose whatever avr you want

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Yeah, well, my current AVR has zero RCA outputs, so!

I think it has a surround back out through rca’s which act as a preamp out, and might be full range (you may have to configure that in the settings of the avr to ensure that there is not a crossover or multi channel splitting. Also aren’t you planning to get a new avr for this setup anyway?

what does that matter LeD? you’re looking for a new solution…that’s a solution! :wink:

Yeah but, useless. It’s a pre. I would have to unplug the speakers everytime I want to use my headphones…

Ah, I thought that it had speaker selector switches that you could mute with lol, sorry about that then. But with a receiver with a line out, the atom idea would be your best bet

Agreed, line out + atom is probably the best idea for a good headphone out (and probably the only good idea if you have T50RPs heh).

Anyway, I’m mainly curious about the options. I won’t (…can’t, even) buy an AVR this month. But it seems like good AVRs are rare. As if these were all all-in-ones sacrificing quality for features. Apparently my old AVR-1312 was an “exception” 10 years ago. Not much features, and everything went into the sound. I want to know about the “exceptions” of the last 10 years.

This forum is full of DACs and amps recommendations, for headphones or two speakers, but there’s nothing about AVRs. I want to know if they all suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

I should just say that I think the new 5.1 receivers are not going to have really good headphone out’s, but you might be able to look for older, vintage receivers that actually may have a better headphone out then the newer receivers. Manufactures just expect that you use headphones on a computer or phone, rather then a receiver nowadays

You might want to look on home theater forums for more info regarding avr’s as it seems that this forum is more centered towards two channel listening

I personally think that separate components, like a 5 channel power amp, and a surround sound processor is the better way to go, because then you can upgrade the processor if you need more and keep the amp. Also separate components are typically higher quality sounding then an all in one imo

Well I never saw a computer monitor over an AVR except in my room either, lol.

Well that’s a neat idea. :+1: Or 5 monoblocks lol. :money_with_wings:
(Or like Zeos with two amps, yes)

Stuff like this for the power amp, and then a separate surround processor. You can find better prices, I just grabbed a few examples that came up first. You can find good deals on your local used audio sellers/classifieds, and get excellent amps for a good deal. But you would still need to get a processer and stuff, so this would be a more high end option

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Hah, I didn’t even knew most of these even existed. Thanks again!