Any help ? HD58X VS X2HR VS 300R

Ok I am considering to buy a headphone for both fps gaming and listening to music. 300Rs, HD58Xs, X2HRs

my preference is a warm detailed sound and I currently own a pair of beyers custom game so I rather this pair to have a different sound signature than those and put a slightly more emphasis on “mids” so I can enjoy both in different ways.

My budget is around 200$ (250 max).

The cans that I am considering are hd58x, 300r,x2hr.
I listen to all kind of music genre and I kinda enjoy all so no restrictions there.

I play a lot of online battle royal mp games so I rather smt that sounds “open” and wide with a “great imaging” so I can pin point the direction of sound as well as how far it’s coming from.

I don’t own an amp/dac nor any mics however I do own a beyer gooseneck mic that can be used beside x2hrs which are 115$ now and I were able to find some cable options with an inline mic to use for hd58x.

but I don’t think there is anyway to add a mic to a tygr 300r other than smt like a modmic which kinda makes the setup weird and inconvenient and I also couldn’t find that headphone without the useless sucks sry fox mic on amazon (in my case I am playing from my couch and it’s like 2m from any desk that I can put a mic on top soooo mic that it comes with is kinda useless in my case.)

Btw m570 go on sale for 200$ often so just wondering how does that compare against all these does it have a qc problem ? Not sure.

***I know it has been a long essay but thanks for ur patience the main takeaway is smt with *great mids *great imaging *great soundstage that can use an add on mic later. I am also open to any headphone recommendations that don’t need an amp or fits my budget with an amp .(I hate pc38x bulid quality and ad series design.) Sry for my bad english tryin my best.

With you preferring a more mid-forward sound, I would recommend the HD58X over the other 2 in my personal opinion.

I have tested the TYGRs and the X2, but not the 58x.

The TYGRs have somewhat-recessed midrange, which can make vocals seem a bit boxed in or slightly further away than you might like, but js overall a very stellar gaming headphone and decent for music. IMO, the best of the 3 in terms of gaming performance (Going off of anecdotal-reviews from people who own the HD58x).

The X2s are quite bassy, but the unfortunate thing with them is that the bass muddies up the mid (bleeding) and the soundstage can feel artificialy wide and sometimes a little “weird”. I can’t really describe it, but it feels a little inconsistent sometimes. It tries to be pleasing in every frequency range but fails to do so.

Going off anecdotal reviews: the HD58x is a warm and very mid-forward headphone. Decently-wide enough soundstage and I assume the imaging on them is also nothing to worry about. Many people feel like it punches above it’s price bracket.

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I can endorse the 58X as a great all-rounder headphone. Imaging is very good, sound-stage is ok and it does have a more mid-foward presentation, with some nice warmth in the lows, despite some roll-off in the sub-bass. It’s a great headphone for a lot of different things, and it runs well from anything, although I recommend a budget amp to go with it (maybe for the future). I use them for most of my phone calls with a Modmic USB, which is another device I really recommend for convenience and ok performance.

Can’t say on the X2HR and Tygers, I don’t own any of them. I would recommend you look into @Falenkor posts, he is more into competitive gaming and have some really nice write-ups about headphones for this application.

Also, have you consider the PC38X? A lot of people usually recommend these for folks more focused on gaming.

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I really do like the build quality of TYGR 300R and I think it sounds closest to what I want from my headphone to sound like but unfortunately it comes bundled up with a useless mic for 300$ which is out of my budget range.

I like everything about the hd58x except for it’s not available on amazon atm and yes I did checked out the newly released pc38x but unfortunately it is like 99% plastic 1% metal build and plastic that they used on it is one of the cheapest u can get for ur headphones in case u sit on them or smt they are probably dead despite the fact that they look to me like a 20$ pair in terms of build quality rather than a 170$ and I don’t like the idea of having a permanently attached mic which looks bad if u only want to use them for music listening I am considering the x2hrs actually despite not being the best in terms of sound I think they might be the best deal for 115$ and they are the only ones that is currently available on amazon.

just noticed this was my other message on here lol, I sent you back a response to your pm. thanks for reaching out. Let me know if I can help you out any further in the pm, if it takes a while for me to respond it’s because I am at work.

also for future references to others wondering, please skip the x2hr for competitive gaming… they are a warm headphone with quite a bit on the bass, this will destroy your footsteps… some bass is okay but in x2hr’s case it’s muddy and bleeds with a lot of rumble behind that bass. I like the x2hr but it just doesn’t fit well. I would sooner tell someone to pick up and modify the shp9500

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The TYGRs can be purchased seperately too :slight_smile:

Where can I find a pair ?

You can find them directly on Beyerdynamic’s page.

Except I don’t live in US :joy:
And beyer don’t support shipping to my location I can only order it from amazon
But thanks for ur help anyway.

Here is the EU shop