Any indoor gardeners here?

are there any indoor gardeners here? hydroponics or nice herb gardens under DIY LED lighting?

I’m not looking for info on MJ…but actually on a nice window sill herb garden with DIY LED lighting. our kitchen window sits under the upstairs deck and one side is enclosed with some windows and the other side is mostly blocked off by the stairs down from the deck, so no natural light. means I need an LED solution and I don’t want to spend a fortune.

I’ve read and seen recommended that those 50/50 strips for $10 should be enough, but for some reason only two color spectrums doesn’t seem right? am I putting too much concern into the yellow / white / blue spectrum? and green / red really are enough?

I have very little idea about how to keep plants alive.

Just that as plants appear green, they absorb any color that is not green (wich is actually yellow/red mixture)

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I read somewhere red color is for flowering and blue for growing.

Personally, I use a white fluorescent lamp. It has all the colors so I wouldn’t be worried about it. Could’ve been LED.

Depending on how large of a space you have to grow in, this light can be of some help. It will support your plants in vegetative state and flowering. Good for a 2x2 maybe 3x3’ foot space.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole of diy lighting, ledgardener is a good solution. They have a forum with more technical help as well.