Any Love for Sony XBA-N3AP?

The XBA-N3AP seems like an interesting choice that I don’t see talked about much on here. It’s a hybrid IEM from a legacy brand at a price point that competes with the JVC HA-FDX1 and others in the $200 - $300 price range. Those that have listened to it typically remark on its powerful bass response and the warm to dark tuning. BGGAR has it ranked highly on his new list of IEMs and I have a feeling he may be talking about it more soon since it seems like he is going through a process of rediscovering stuff that got lost in all the Chi-fi hustle and bustle. Crinacle also has it ranked as a B+ which seems very respectable at the price point. I haven’t had a chance to listen to these but I am in the market to purchase a set of IEMs in this price range soon and these are one of the sets I’m considering. Just curious if any of you can give some impressions and draw some comparisons to other IEMs you’ve heard.

I heard it recently, pretty nice. Coherent overall and pretty fun. I would say it’s a pretty nice iem but I didn’t get to hear it for too long

Really I’m torn between this, the OH10, and the HA-FDX1 at this point. Leaning towards the Ikko because of the high praise I’ve seen and the lower price.

I know if it were me, I would end up considering either the sony or jvc in the end. I would want more time with both. I do think the oh10 is pretty great, but I feel the other two iems are a bit higher tier than the oh10 in sound

That’s helpful. I may have to be patient and save up a little longer then. I really want something that is fun and energetic sounding with strong bass and good detail. Wide-ish soundstage and solid imaging are also important to me. I hope I’m not describing a unicorn at the sub $500 price point and one of these 3 will fit that description.

I actually just sold my oh10 recently, so there’s that lol. I would say the JVC is what I would lean towards over the sony, as from memory, I think the Drop JVC had better detail and also a more energetic signature to me

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I just bought Sony XBA-N3AP (used) yesterday. I also have FiiO FH3 (tip rolled, cable 4.4) with Shanling UA5 dongle.

At first 2-3 hours test, i thought N3 sucks. Too warm, bloated, no details, much less dynamics. I almost sell it back.

Then later at night I tested again for 2 hours. But this time I put in tips spinfit Cp100 size SS. Boom! It snug into my ear canal perfectly at best comfort and isolation. I know this will sound different. I hit play, that was it! I know it sounds better than Fh3. I kept playing songs for 1 hour. No discomfort sign. Good.

Then I put FH3 back, the listening became less fun. Fh3 has better technicalities, but just a smidge. N3 sound better overall (but not far off), especially its natural timbre! You will hear Fh3 sounds a bit metallic BA timbre.

Lesson learned, make sure you do tips rolling and isolation at best

I’m selling my Fh3 #fiiofh3 #sonyn3 #sonyxban3ap


N3AP is a fantastic set.
Great purchase choice by you. Enjoy :ok_hand:


That color combo. :fire:

Too bad its way overpriced.



Love it


I love my set as well, but I cant find it atm so about to tear through all the things to find it. Lol

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