Any mods(?) for my new setup?

So I’ve finally pulled the trigger and bought the X2HR (instead of the K712–just couldn’t swing the $300 for them) and the SMSL M3.

Are there any mods or upgrades I need to make (pad change, better 3.5mm cable, etc…) or will I be set for a while with these?


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I think the pads are fine on those and if the cable is to your liking then your pretty much set unless you don’t like the cans themselves.

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Agreed good cans as they stand :+1:


I will suggest that if you need a microphone (you mention you currently have a Clould Alpha), you can always get a cable that has and inline microphone like a Boom Pro or Mod Mic.

X2HRs are my Fav, enjoy! There are headphones with more clarity and imaging and probably better value. X2HRs are just good ol’ sloppy fun, no toilet paper needed!

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