Any music video buffs?

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So i know for a fact there is a large following of movie buffs, anime weebs, video game nerds etc etc here in this forum and throughout the world. But besides my family and I i can’t say i’ve ever found someone else who collects music videos, and loves music videos as much as i do! It’s surprising tbh lol from when i was a kid to know i’ve watched Music videos every single day, and multiple throught the day. I don’t watch movies much but damn i love me a good music video that compliments a song so well visually. I have over 500 music videos downloaded etc. Anyone else share such an interest??

I don’t have that level of interest myself, but I’ve often wondered why many videos are of such horrible resolution and video quality. I remember getting a couple of videos on iTunes years ago and I had thought that maybe, by chance, they’d have been higher quality than what they were on TV back in the 90’s.

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Are the old ones really that bad? I do have many from 2005 etc and yeah they look like they are shot on 80 dollar smartphones lol but i don’t know if that’s even that terrible haha.

They were to me anyhow. But I was looking at video’s from my favorites from the 90’s. I imagine more contemporary videos were shot with better equipment.

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Ah there u go lol. I was born in 98 so i Def haven’t seen those

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I imagine it’s because most music videos especially in the 90’s were aiming ot be on CRT TV’S to get on MTV.

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MTV is the original YouTube for music videos lol. Noa they all go straight to YouTube but I remember when ae looked MTV for the latest music videos

Or VH1. :wink:

I think the 90’s is when MTV started to become not MusicTV.

First music video on MTV The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”
On Saturday, August 1, 1981, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time


Oh shit lol

Are those old vids on tape and would there be black bars on the sides if watched on todays panels ?

On a tape, yes. Probably not any magnetic tape though.

Related video:


Ok, shame the music video was like album art. An entire era of pop music history lost. Maybe CGI technology someday might be able to upscale resolution of video. But think no one is interested in those cave paintings. :joy: still hoping for something like the munich olympic games on tv scene in the movie contact.

There was some real goofy shit back then.

That explains it all, now I understand. Thanks for the video.

Too bad most of those old videos were shot that way.

tidal has music video playlists. i have, gosh, probably 50 ish VHS filled with music video recordings. no way to play them anymore, but they are there lol.

edit: i still watch music videos all the time. its a shame most modern songs do not have a video anymore. or if they do, its some stock live footage from the 1 show they recorded. which isnt bad, but isnt a real video.

I loved watching music videos when I was younger, but I must say it has fallen off for me over the last decade. I used to be my most favorite hobby. I do still love the videos I watched from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s.

Must admit prefer the videos today the twerking ones of the young ladies body parts flooping about. Where did the time go ?

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