Any of you an aquarist / fishkeeper?

I was many moons ago and have been thinking about getting back in for quite a while. I haven’t because I’m so divided on what I want; there are literally just too many awesome options!!!


@Marzipan I would think an audiophile will go for a salty! Tricky to get right, lots of variables, expensive and when all the synergy of pieces is right…amazing!

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Im thinking of a number of 10 gal fw and sw… invertebrate tanks. maybe a 20 gal for a figure 8 puffer and bumble bee gobies and one with a goby / shrimp pair. a couple bettas for my grandbrats…

Been a Long time since I had one. Your ideas sound intriguing. Kids love the colors. Have fun.

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well, if you do a couple bettas they need as much space as you can give them. less than 5 gal and it’s inhumane. the whole ‘lives in a puddle so a jar is good enuff’ is a lie!

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I’ve currently got a 5 and 17 gal tanks for Cherry shrimps. Both doing quite well with low maintenance but will need a redesign soon. Would love to try and breed the harder and exotic types in the future.

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any pictures? what did you use for substrate? rock or wood for scaping? which plants did you choose? what are you using for lighting and filtration?

No pictures at the moment. I’m planning on designing later in the year with an old 7 gal and I’ll take some pictures then.

The tanks I keep are pretty basic and with the bare minimum. In the 17 gal:

Substrate: Ada Amazonia II and La Plata sand.
Rocks: Lava rocks, big pieces of dragon stone.
Wood: Drift wood.
Plants: Amazon swords, pogostemon erectus, java moss, java ferns, anubias nana and duckweed. That’s all I can remember.
Lighting and filter - Whatever came with the tank, nothing fancy. Sponge filter.

The 5 gal was suppose to be a hospital tank and a place to separate/cull the less vibrant shrimps I had. It’s even more basic than the above and the shrimps are thriving in there. So I decided to experiment and leave it as is - only topping up the water. I’m thinking of moving to an outdoor pond.

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what would you say the populations are in the 17 n 5 gallon tanks? dozens? hundreds?

I think in the 5 gal there’s currently under 50 - hard to tell as I could spot some baby shrimp in there. As for the 17 gal - it’s at probably the lowest level at under 100. Honestly, I prefer them at this level as it makes it easier to separate the less colourful ones.

I’m due for a visit to my local vendor. Have you figured out what type of tank you’d like to build?