Any of you have listened to a song that is so bad that you grew to love it?

Tell Me Why by Penpals, is such song that I listened to and I am still listening to it. I mean the sour guitar intro, the bad mixing and of course the most charm from that song overall is the Engrish being used when the song is playing. In case some of you didn’t know, it is basically the opening theme of the 1997 anime of Berserk and I can say overall it’s better than the 2016 and 2017 and we don’t talk about those like sheesh.

Edit: This is the song.

Yes! IOI - Very Very Very, when it first came out i tried it but no matter how much I listened to ot I really really didn’t like it. I specifically remember thinking to myself “man no matter how much I listen to this I can’t find any appea, i will never like it” but after weeks of hearing it i ended up LOVING it lol. One of my go to korean jams: song in question

I am not a fan of Kpop in general, but I am glad you’re liking a song from that genre because I simply cannot like a single KPop song like ever. I have a bad stigmatic view on them tbh.

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Thats fair, im sure you have your reasons as well. BUT if it’s because you believe there to be some musical aspect gone from it I would direct you to gfriend, some of the best kpop interesting MUSIC out there. There’s some legit composers and groups in that community that actually release very good music.If you are feeling like exploring at least one song, listen to this. Wether you like it or not I think most would respect it. But it’s up to you, if you don’t even want to hear it i get ya

This song is objectively flawed and technically generic but is too much fun I couldn’t keep myself from enjoying it

Yep it is generic but I can see why you like it.

I have a wierd tendency to really enjoy music the feel like an ad
like this

Ahhhhhh shaddap-a you face!

Die Antwoord, Enter the Ninja. It’s so bad but so catchy.

no…I still hate them. they cycled on repeat over the satellite radio in the early 2000’s when I worked the graveyard at a gas station. I loath these two songs now…

Barbie Girl
Who Let The Dogs Out

Yeah those 2 were common on the radio back then I can feel your sentiment towards those songs. Constant repetitiveness of a song that is annoying to begin with and don’t know even why it became popular in the first place, makes you question the overall sanity of every human being liked those types of songs.

This one.
Late night at uni with a buddy and a networking stack. It is… something different.

Song may be NSFW, so proceed with caution

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