Any opinions on the Sennheiser IE100 pro?

I’m still on the hunt for a pain of in ears to wear while I play the drums. These check a lot of boxes for me on paper- wireless, small, decently sound isolating, no touch controls.

My main concern is that I have heard a few people say the wireless module can’t push out much volume. I’m worried I won’t be able to play them loud enough to hear tracks while I’m smashing away at cymbals.

Has anyone given these a try? Any other recommendations in this form factor/price range?

I just bought these for my wife but she hasn’t used them yet. Ill see if I can get an answer to you but I imagine passive isolation (or ANC) is going to be more important then volume if you are trying to block out drums

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I tried them out tonight. It’s true that they do not get very loud compared to other bt solutions. At least compared to my UTWS3. My Olina/UTWS3 combo gets much louder than the IE 100 Pro with the Bluetooth adapter.

On a subjective note, the Senns arent too bad sound wise but I think there are better options at the price here ($150).

Thanks for following up on this. anything you would recommend?

If you are looking for something true wireless I highly recommend the Fiio UTWS3/5 adapter, otherwise your money would be better spent on a clip on BT adapter like Fiio’s BTR3/5.

As for IEMs to pair with it… I highly recommend the Olina as a <= $100 option but that with a BT adapter would put you over the cost of the IE 100 Pro w/ BT. To keep you in the same budget I think you would probably have good luck with the T3+ or Mele but it depends on what type of sound signature you are looking for in an IEM.