Any opinions on the SVS SB-3000?

I’m considering a pair of these for my two channel music setup. One of the main attractions is the steel mesh grille which should protect the drivers from my cats. Are there any downward firing subs or subs with steel grilles below this price point that will work well for music? I really want something that will go down to 20Hz or lower.

I have one in a medium-sized untreated room on 2.1 music and HT duty, and it does the job wonderfully.


It really depends on your room size and desired listening level. I have recently bought an SVS SB12-NSD(basically the previous model to SB2000, still on sale new in some places, was recently sold directly by SVS for $400) and I feel like if you don’t have a huge space to fill, two of those would be more than enough. It does come with a steel grille.

The non-pro SVS SB2000 is also still on sale often at really good discounts, and comes with the steel grille as well(the pro version doesn’t). It’s a recently discontinued model, so the stock shouldn’t be too old.

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Thanks for the tip on the SB2000. Those should be more than enough for my space. That just saved me about $800!

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Plus they have a great upgrade/ trade-up program if you do it within 1 year. I was looking at a pc-2000 pro and went with the pb-1000 for this exact reason.

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