Any other cheap and small cans besides Koss?

I’ve been thinking about this recently after seeing a Reddit post asking for sub-50 euro headphones that are smallish in size. Everyone knows the Koss 60 ohms, but is there anything else decent-sounding that would fit this criteria? How about closed back?

Monoprice Modern Retro is not exactly small afaik. Normal over-ear size, yes?
How about the CAL? Is seems on the smaller side of over-ear, but I’m not sure.
Despite being severely flawed in construction, is the Koss SP330 the only known closed on-ear to sound decent?

Personally, I’m curious in budget audio more than the pinnacle of hi-fi, so this would be fun to research.

The cheap Sony on ears are always reliably decent all around not as good as Koss in regards to sound but build is much better

AKG K-240 can be found for 50€
Sennheiser HD-100 may be interesting.

I wonder if those “Tourist guide” headphones from Sennheiser are available anywhere. Names are “PX 100-II” and “HP 02-100” if memory serves correctly.

I hear the Sennheiser PX-100 is pretty good, but seems to be discontinued.

I’m guessing the dearth of cheap portable on-ears is due to earphones being a smaller and more practical alternative for the average consumer.

I’m tempted to get the K240 but idk how redundant it’s sound signature would be in my collection. I have a terrible habit of being a collector of various things, and headphones, even budget ones, are not all that cheap or space efficient for me lol.

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the k240 is a very neutral extremely smooth sounding headphone, very bass light but awesome for 80’s music