Any other firm ear pads like YAXI stpad2?

I have a pair of the yaxi’s on my cd900st which I absolutely love. I was wondering if there are any less expensive brands that have a similar firmness? My problem is that with the usual ear pads you can find online, while they are thicker, they are soft enough that they will compress and my ears will touch the inner wall and hurt after a couple hours of gaming. Yes, I have big ears… lol. Wondering if anyone knows of a comparably stiff foam ear pads like the yaxi. I’m not looking for high fidelity for my gaming headset… just comfort.

cheaper? no. yaxi pretty cheap compared to other name brands. that being said. i love my dekoni pads for long gaming sessions. ive had my pair for 4 years now and shows 0 signs of wear. still as firm as day 0 and keeps my dumbo ears away from the driver. also, my ears are so large, i have to use XXL pads for the ear chamber to be large enough to not be on ear and actually be over ear. all stock pads are on ear for me.

hmm… really don’t want to spend that kind of money for gaming… do you know what type of foam is on the yaxi’s? maybe i can find something similar.