Any pads that bring more bass and mids for the dt 990 250 ohm?

I got my new beyerdynamic dt 990 250 ohms the other, and after switching from the audioquest nighthawks, these are way more clearer on the highs, don’t have the full sounding mids or lows on the nighthawks. Are there any pad swaps that can help bring them up a bit? I’m ok sacrificing a bit of the treble, but still want that nice instrument separation.

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I feel over time more mids come out as the pads flatten the highs get a little less intense bass wise not sure which pads to use but running them off a liquid spark helps

Maybe Dekoni velours and a tube amp

Sadly don’t got the cash for a new amp, and heard beyerdynamics are very picky when it comes to pads, so I neeed to be sure that they will be good…

Can’t speak for the DT990, but I use dekoni X00 sheepskin pads on my DT770 for the exact reason you described. More bass and warmth in the mids.

I’ve also heard that the dekoni velour beyer pads work well on the DT1990, so maybe they will work for the DT990 as well.

The Dekoni Beyerdynamic Elite Hybrid pads work pretty good, at least in my experience.

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So I tried pushing the cups a bit closer to my ears and wow there was a huuuuuge improvement. Any way to flatten the pads without me having to push them to my ears?

Try washing them, dry them as best you can, then wrap them in a towel and place a medium heavy book on top untill they dry.

will happen over time one that worked quickly for me was putting them on yoga blocks when I wasn’t using them books will work as well

Those sounded great on the 1990. Brought bass and mids up while smoothing out the treble. Not sure if the 990 will react the same way though.

Update even though no one probably cares: I switched back to my nighthawks cause I missed the special touch they had. Gave my brother the 990s lol

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