Any players that can output through USB?

Looking for something I can run into my portable DAC, which only takes USB input. Preferably in the ~300$ range.

Are you specifically looking for a DAP? A smartphone or tablet will do this just fine.


LG V20 phone, Hiby R5…Wave is seconds ahead of me this evening


if you are just looking for a transport then you can just use your smartphone and save some money, that is if you have the required storage or SD card functionality on your phone. otherwise you can get something on the cheap side for transport duties. what portable dac/amp do you have?

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Looking for an alternative to using my phone as a player. I leave my phone elsewhere so I can focus on work, out of sight and mind sort of thing, but at the moment it’s my only portable music source.

OK, makes sense. But truthfully, any Android phone/tablet with a memory card slot will do this just fine. As long as you don’t put your email and social media accounts on it, that is ;p

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Centrance Dacport HD from Drop

You could go for something cheap like a Fiio m6/7 and be pretty set and save some money. also not a bad form factor as they are both on the smaller side. Otherwise if you wanted to spend a bit more you could get a hiby r3pro and that would be a lot nicer while still having a good footprint.

I’m not familiar with the Dacport HD but the at the r3pro and above price point you would probably start to reach stuff that could potentially sound better than your portable dac/amp. which would defeat the purpose

Sounds good, if I can dig up my old Samsung phone I’ll end up using that. Was reliant on an old iPod touch for so long I got excited looking at new DAPs.

I was looking at the r3pro last week, seems decent. Wasn’t sure at what threshold I’d be muzzling the Dacport.