Any point in trying the Focal Clear OG?

I have the HD600 and Diana V2 open backs. Is there any reason to try the Clear? Does it do anything better or different than the Diana V2?

Probably a question for @M0N as far as I know something like a tube would give you a similar timbre with your 6XX’s and similarish soundstage. Less sub bass and won’t have the imaging. It will be about half way there to the dynamics which is one of its amazing party tricks as well.

I think you’d really enjoy them but I have no idea how it stacks up against the MG I hear it is mind blowing.

Somewhat confused what you are saying here

If you can, why not, always good to hear new things

Better? I’d say no not really, you can tell it’s a step down the tier ladder in most regards. But I do think it offers a pretty different experience regardless that can still be enjoyable

Going to prod you again and ask what source gear you are running for the dv2

Basically just asking if I’d get something that I’m not getting from either the 600 or V2. I like and am happy with both of them though. Really I’m just tempted by the 33% discount on the OGs but at the same time, why bother if I’m not going to get anything significantly better than the V2.

Source is still modded LP and OG Bifrost Multi. At some point I’ll end up with a GSX-mini and Holo Spring.

That was aimed at @Thotstomp’s post sorry lol

If that’s what you are after, the clear is likely not what you are looking for then (or any headphone in that range tbh)

Good good really need to get that upgraded, you can get so much more out of the dv2

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I thought you’d have a better perspective as you’ve got some Diana gear.

If he was to use a tube amp it would give him some similar essance of the clear. But still won’t do the imaging and dynamic slam of the Clear for sure. But the mid bass and treble will be close to the clear experience.

I would personally not agree


Hmmm I think midbass possibly but I’d say the treble still isn’t similar

I’ve had a few tube amps. It’s not that. Mainly I was wondering if Clear has some technical party trick that goes above and beyond Diana. Thanks though.

I guess the clears biggest party trick would be it’s dynamics, really very dynamic potentially more so than the diana in some respects, and it’s more unique spherical presentation. That being said the diana while potentially having a bit less range ends up having better control over those dynamics, and while the clear’s presentation is neat the diana ends up representing stage more accurately imo