Any recommendation?

Hi!, i’m new on this, i just buy the takstar pro 82 ( its has a 2.5mm entry ) and i wanna buy a microphone but i can only buy on aliexpress ( cause i’m from latin america), so anyone knows of a good mic for not much money?
PD: I have a noisy keyboard and I don’t want the keys to be heard too much so i found this one :
but i don’t know if the keyboard will be heard

Can’t really help here as far as Aliexpress but I can try to point you in the right direction mic wise. Antlion Modmics do offer both domestic and international shipping. These would probably be your best bet to go with budget wise and the only other cheap alternative I would say is get a headphone that utilizes a 3.5 mm jack so you can make use of a V-moda boom Pro mic or look into Lavalier mics which attach to either your headphone cable or shirt and are used as a general microphone. As far as headphones I am unfamiliar with aliexpress so I can’t really help in that department, if you had access to amazon or something I would definitely be able to help there. I will let the others chime in from there and hopefully help you out more.

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I has access to amazon, but because of what is happening i can’t buy cause the shipping cost to my country is insanely high

I think what would help in this case for us to help you would be to ask what is your budget and what kind of sound you are looking to get out of your headphones?

like 30 bucks? I can spend more but I do not think I will take advantage of a better microphone, I have a corsair hs50 and with a similar microphone I am satisfied

Well to clear things up with what I mentioned… Lavalier mics can be bought between roughly $35 and up the higher the better quality of voice you will usually get. ModMics on the other hand are mics that actually connect to the headphone and turn it into a headset. Modmic uni is $40 range Modmic usb is $80 but has much better sound than uni and Modmic Wireless is $120 due to being one of the best in class for wireless external mics for its market. Due to the nature of loud key clacks I can’t recommend a condenser external mic and dynamic usb mics would be the ones to consider. It really depends on how much your willing to spend… External mics do have a price point and you pay for quality of sound. Outside of that price point for external mics the only thing I can say would be that youd need an actual gaming headset in the smaller budget categories

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