Any recommendations for a Full 2.0 Setup for £500

Looking to redo my whole tv setup, dont need alot of channels just looking for a very solid sounding system. Bookshelfs are fine and if i go with them and the bass is lacking ill just have to get a sub in the future. Im wanting to use this for mainly for music with a bit of anime on the side (:D). £500 for the speakers, and DAC/AMP (or a combo) I was looking at the Triangle BRO3’s with the SMSL SA300 which goes abit over but thats fine. Would anyone think of anything else that would be better? My musical preference in how I like it is to have bass but I am much more of a Trebal has to be amazing guy. My fav IEMS are the Starfields so something that basically does something like that wouuld be awesome.

If you need anymore info id be happy to give.


I’ve been looking for a new setup as well, with the most simple and it fits the budget as well. The kanto YU4. Powered monitors. I hope it works for you!

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So right now I am using a set of MB42x centers and dayton 12inch sub all fed from a SMSL Q5 pro. whole set up was very cheap but I am not sure if I could recommend it to anyone else as the MB42x centers are a very old model and better newer stuff has been put out, and with you being in the UK your options are very much more limited.

I’m running Kali LP-6’s with a Topping D50 S dac couldn’t be happier only 2.0 but I’m kind of midfield so that might make a difference


Wife bought me a Cambridge Audio AXA int amp for $224.99 and a pair of Cambridge SX50 Bookshelves for $199.99, free shipping and no tax and this combo sounds awesome.

A very nice Christmas gift.


Thanks for reply guys im now looking at a SMSL AD18 as heard great things about that would also allow me to plug headphones in if i desire or ill use the SMSL SA 300. And Some bookshelfs looking at quite a few brands atm but we shall see :smiley:

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in regards to the SMSL SA300 keep in mind that it does not have an Optical connection so to connect it to your tv you will need to run analog out of the tv to it or get a separate dac. the SMSL ad18 does have optical so it would not have that issue.

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Marlfox is correct, you will need a DAC to connect a TV to the SA300.

I have both SA300 and AD18. I think that the SA300 sounds a little bit better but it is very minimal difference :wink:

My current tv setup is a pair of KEF Q100 fed by the SA300 and a Geshelli DAC. Really happy with this for movies and music. When setup at the right height they do a great job with voice reproduction at lower level (since I have kids and can’t blast TV anymore).

Personally, my AD18 started developing a hiss when it was connected to optical. Now I use it for bluetooth only in my bedroom and the unit is quiet 🤷

If I was on the market now I would look at Wharfedale, Q Acoustics and Elac. The reviews on the Triangle BR03 are mixed IMO. I just discovered the Focal Chorus 605 and apparently they have sweet treble.

Another tip that I have found, don’t spend less than $200 on a pair of Bookshelves, $200-$300 really is the quality and sound sweet spot, also get a Class AB receiver or integrated amp, you will be happier than with Class D… Maybe in 5-10 years but these litte cheap class D’s out now really don’t sound great. Get a Schitt Modi 3+ DAC and call it a day.

Also… You can buy a cheap $35 dollar Sony DVD player with Coax to use as a CD transport and run it to the DAC, no need for an expensive player.

Get speakers with a min. 6in woofers. Buy an audiophile amp and DAC you can afford, go from there. Start saving up for dual subs room correction active crossover.

Thanks for reply guys alot of the american stuff i cant get here in uk for example Schiit and ill be happy with the AD18, and yeah ik the SA300 doesnt ahve a dac :stuck_out_tongue: id get one seperate if i got that. I have a very nice class A amp atm but im just looking for a small Class D that doesnt operate as heating. Or use so much power haha. But it does sound amazing but I can always use both :D. Was looking at Wharfedale, Jamo, Elac. And summing up my options Couuld get the 12.1/12.2 from wharfedale easy so they could be a choice just debating it all atm. Thanks for all suggestions guys :smiley: I could just get bookshelvs and just rock my class A but im just fancying something different atm and it doesnt have a remote which is a pain in the arse haha. Was leaning towards the AD18 as it has a headphone out too dont know how good it is but it has it so thats a plus.

Maybe look into a used flagship AVR. The SMSL AD18 is great budget intergrated but getting compressed signal, hard to drive speakers and heat, wattage will suffer. the volume will be up at 50 to MAX.

I have a nice AVR tho, and it woudnt be getting compressed signal. From what ive heard about it its literally perfect for my use. But thanks yeah i get what ur saying :smiley: I could just keep using my AVR and it is really good, Just fancied a change and its something like a backup or well try somthing new.

Ive notice it on my AVRs AD18s and cheap 2ch amps from appletv4ks/TVs optical source. Youtube is good, itunes music good, compressed playing movies from itunes and gets worse from network streaming netflix/amazon etc. Guess its the appletv/internet connection and room size but i do hear reduction in loudness.

Line power from the street and internet are pretty stable though. I know there is compression happening compared to hard media. Might want to look at amazon basic 2ch amp and a topping dac. The amazon amp sounds to me louder then the AD18 running all my cheap chifi speakers.

Seen the topping DAC go for $109.00 and the amazon 2ch. $90 . And the amp can be bridged.

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Not noticed that myself when plugging my AVR into my TV using optical at all. So unsure why thats happening to you mate. I also dont stream my music so that shouldnt be an issue Flac or GTFO hahaha. We shall see but for movies im not too fussed tbf if it isnt that loud. Should be fine tho

Maybe its the appletv and my abused ears.

Might get kicked off hifi guides for suggesting an amazon basics amp. But im thinking paired with a $100 dac is the better buy and you can always change out the amp or double the power bridged.

ill have a look at it but i havnt even seen that on the UK store mate. I couuld get the SMSL S300 and then the Sanskript or something like that but honestly the AD18 sounds right up my alley and if it isnt great ill just send it back to amazon.

That sucks i mean its a damn amazon brand. :woozy_face: listening to john williams vienna orchestra “imperial march” TV RCA straight to the amazon amp with NEUMI BS5 sounds good and loud.

Thinking pair of these amps topping dac and some of those nice local euro speakers over there.


The Cambridge Audio AXA 25 is $224.99 US, don’t let the 25wpc fool you it’s louder than my 60wpc Onkyo Receiver.

My AD18 with Q100 gets really loud at 30/60 volume. Plenty of power!