Any Rythmik fans here? (Or sub fans in general)

I have had two F12’s in stereo for my living room setup for a long time, and I love them, excellent subs, and I just recently took a deal trading my f12s for a pair of f25’s (with some extra cash lol, guy was looking to downsize) and they are insane and I will not give these up lol. Awesome subs with quality to satisfy an audio snob and impact to satisfy a basshead. Just what I was looking for.

I have met a few people who think that “proper speakers should be more then plenty for music” and that subs are unnecessary and detrimental to the sound (they were pretty old people lol). Personally I hope people realize that’s bs and a good sub can add a bunch to most systems. Subs can be very very enjoyable lol

I have grown to like servo subs, and rythmik has not let me down. I really don’t think I need another sub upgrade, and I don’t even know what I could get that would even be better for me lol.

Also want to say SVS subs are pretty nice as well

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Back in 2008 when i was building my HT set-up Rythmik were one of the brands i was reading about and almost decided on. I wish i had gone with them, instead I chose the Epik Empire sub w/ 15’s in a sealed isobaric configuration. A design i was both familiar and pleased with as far as SPL went. I absolutely loved that sub and it did what i wanted it to in my living room. Unfortunately neither the amp or the company held up, Rythmic on the other hand is still going strong! Congratulations on an awesome sub, i’m curious to know if you will do a 2.1 w/it. If yes i would LOVE to hear what you pair it with.
Edit: damn bro, i almost missed the part where you said PAIR of F25’s… I’m jealous and want to visit when you have those up and running!

I have the two f25’s in stereo on the setup with the dynaudio’s. It sounds great. And technically two 15 drivers per channel lol

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Lol I was actually looking at that sub awhile ago, but instead went with the sb2000 to match my svs ultra bookshelfs. It seemed like a pretty nice sub, but I didn’t exactly have the space

I’m currently using a 12" Adire Audio Brahma in a custom enclosure and will keep it for HT but likely going to do a couple Rythmik 12s for stereo.

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The F12’s are killer in stereo, and actually added to the soundstage/spacial representation in really well recorded tracks imo, as they are very accurate, and also a pleasure for bass heavy music. I find that their ported versions are not as even of a response as their sealed, so I went with their sealed, but if you wanted to build a theater or watch movies/tv, their ported are very nice as well


Also I guess I should say that I do have two JL 12W7AE-3’s for my car. But I’m not the kinda person to bother others with music lol. For the love of subs

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I’m running a Polk psw505 (12") as a placeholder.

However, I’m in the midst of planning a build of two 18" MartyCubes or one Cube one MBM (haven’t decided yet). I’m looking for nice clean punch in the chest with my bass.

Biggest hang-up is finding someone in the Portland OR area to split a four pack with.

My research shows this is the best bang for the buck if you don’t have a lot of tools or just want a solid high precision (CNC milled pieces) design.

Would love to know if anyone else has gone this route.

Those look pretty nice for sure :+1: What subs are you planning to put in there?

So I’m emailing with Jon who designed them to figure out that exact question.

Looking at the comparison table a $99 PA460 is “excellent”.

So should I spend almost 3x on a LaVoce or higher end Dayton…? I’d rather not, but if I’d get, I don’t know, 15%+ more performance I just might.

I’ll let you know what I find out.

a pair of F25’s…? Oh my…oh my :smiley: Thats fantastic!

Sub fan for sure.
Haven’t had the pleasure of testing or hearing Rythmik’s (yet) but a couple of local audio guys have got some of their gear. News and writing have only been good.

On the SVS side i (only 1) had Ultra before. Very nice low notes and good SPL but i could not get it to work like 100% or perfect with the front end i had back then. It also had big effect on room nodes… so not good and plenty of side noises. For movies it was great but music was off.

Since jumped to Genelec world, i had to have their subs as well, 2x12" now and in this room they go to 14Hz and can push them to 100dB on/to listening position (3m / 10 feet distance). That’s also kinda my maximum tolerance so NO need to go louder.
It’s pretty damm loud when speakers play at the same level.
Plus the 100% integration with front end and room response adjustments.
They just are “The Cake”. Accuracy and sound with music… uuuuuw and also good with movies/games.
BUT! I will still want to hear Rythmic’s some day. :slight_smile:


I am still eyeing that atc setup, but I have told myself I will move first lol. But the subs are great for music, very accurate. I don’t feel like I need more, so it’s good for me lol

Could I ask you a quick question, since you seem like the guy to ask?

Since you had the f12s for a while, do you think they’d be overkill to put in a bedroom (11x11x8ish)? I’m thinking of pairing then with some LS50Ws.

And when you had a pair of them for your living room, how do you think they did for HT? Because my thought is that if I upgrade the f12 in my bedroom, then I could simply buy a second f12 and have stero subs for my living room. I would be using the living room for both music and HT (though mainly music), so that’s why I’d want it to work for both.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I think it would be just fine for one in the smaller bedroom, if you position it properly. A pair might be a bit much though lol for the bedroom, but for stereo in the living room for sure

Also to answer the rest of your question I just want to check what you mean when you say HT

Oh, by pairing them with the LS50Ws I meant the speakers and the subs forming a pair,l. Ya, two for a bedroom would probably be a little overkill haha.

By HT I just meant Home Theater, so really all I meant was how well do you think a dual set up would work for movies as opposed to just music.

Ah sorry lol couldn’t think of home theater and ht duh. I think they are very accurate and have a good response for music, and for a home theater could be pretty nice too. I would say though that if you used them more for home theater then music, the FVX15 might make more sense at a similar price, but for more music or an even mix the f12 is great, especially in stereo

I should say that I don’t really watch movies or TV all that often, but sone movies have been pretty impressive on the system

Okay, the info is super helpful. Thanks!

I vote for 2 subs in the bedroom. Because subs. lol

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How about only the subs in the bedroom, you leave the speakers somewhere else


how do the entry rythmik compare to the kef 12b? @M0N have you heard the kef mid priced subs? I still think im leaning towards rythmik when the time comes to invest 600+ on a sub. but curious on the kef’s. they look good on paper and are sealed.(not a fan of ports in general)