Any suggestions to Questyle CMA 400i?

any suggestion from the Questyle CMA 400i?
Bad or good ? Soundsignature?

I have plan to bought the Cma 600i because have better Headphone power i find, but is out of production.
I‘ve just exist the Cma 400i and the twelve.
For the twelve the Money is actually not suffisant.

So i don‘t really sure to buy the cma 400i or is better to save it and buy later the twelve?
Actually i use the Denon Ah D7200 and the Fostex tr x00 Mahagony.
I don‘t have plan to buy a new maybe next year perhaps,but not sure the power is suffisant when i bought a Headphone with 300 ohm or more.

The cma400i can power most headphones just fine. It’s got a bit smoother thicker sound but is still fairly neutral ish, perhaps leaning slightly warm. It’s a very impressive amp and the dac inside is also very good. Soundstage is accurate perhaps slightly wider and also placement is good. I think the 400i is plenty good and instead of buying a cma twelve I would instead spend the extra money you save on other headphones

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Thanks for your answer.
Is the Sound better as from Schiit Magni 3 ?
In past i have the Fostex Hp A3 have a akm chip too but the older chip,
With the Burr brown opa,and it was not bad,but not enough power.
I hope i become not this problem with the Cma 400i.
Otherwise is waste money for nothing.

Actually i use the Cambridge Audio Dac 100 with the Vali 2,i can not say what where better.My setup or the Cma 400i.
But your desciption from the cma400i goes in that way what i want :slight_smile:.
That‘s a good thing.

Yes the sound is a fair bit better than the magni 3 imo, a pretty large improvement

The hpa 3 is older as you say and I think the questyle is a higher quality product

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Okay thanks,
I have the Magni 3 here.
I deliberately chose it for comparison so that I know roughly where it is going.
It was too plastic for me, which the Vali 2 is not so extreme.
The components of questyle are certainly much better than those of a Shiit product, which certainly makes a difference.
Is there anything wrong with the Cma400i?
Apart from the alleged lousy customer service.

Personally there really isn’t anything on that amp that stands out as inherently bad or anything, very solid product overall

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Thank you for you answer‘s and opinion.I will sleep one or two days about it.:blush:
But i sure i will try and give them a chance,and my Head too.:grin:
I can‘t sleep because it.
I look a few day‘s for test review,check it gives maybe what who is better for the price.I have see the Rme Adi 2 but i find is not interested for me.Some say‘s in forum is the competitor.
I hope it end it when i have heard it.

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I think the adi 2 is more dac focused where the questyle is more amp focused

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Okay, good argument :+1:.
Find the focus on the Amp section more importent.
I have see this with Fostex Hp A3, the Dac not bad good noise, good Musicplay,but the Power.
What use a good Dac when the power in the Amp section are not good enough. You cry at the end.You would more can‘t give them.

I think is the best comparision what you say.

But i am sure the Cma 400i have a better Dac section as the Fostex in all.Maybe it give me this what i have miss on the Fostex.
But sure is too compare the Fostex and the cma400 i are dimension😃.

The Fostex Hp A8 i have see how i find not bad but have a little ääähhhh, i don‘t know.
Or the Teac hd 505 but my feeling say try the cma 400 i first.

Hi Guys,
Nice to meet you.
I’m looking for dac amp combo and I found a good opportunity with CMA400i.
I’d like also Klipsch heritage dac amp Buy I haven’t listened them.
Could Questyle match better with Klipsch HP3 than Klipsch heritage amp?

Do you have an hp3?

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Tomorrow I’ll receive it

The heritage dac amp is designed with the hp3 in mind for both sound and aesthetics, so it would be a real solid pairing. I personally might prefer the questyle for refinement, but the hp3 would give more slam and impact. Both are pretty solid pieces

Can CM400i give more slam and impact than heritage amp?
On Questyle website I found 1200mw on 32 ohm but in some webstores I’ve seen almost 4W on 32ohm (balaced output)
Heritage amp only 1.5w

So I should rephrase, the klipsch amp is more forward overall which leads to a bit more aggressive sound, where the cma400i is more a bit laid back, but the 400i is my preferred in sound quality. So RMS, the questyle is only 400 mw into 32 ohms, but it can be pushed harder up to the 1 watt range, balanced will give a bit more power

From the questyle site:

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Maybe Questyle is too polite for my taste, I like dynamic and funny sound

I‘ve read every Test about the Cma400i and all say is a very good Dac/amp for the price.
I would buy one when it gives a better time.
And i thinking about the cma twelve maybe the master edition,but not sure if the price is okay.
Personally i find the Cmi600i is very good and the conectivity,but Questyle have put it out of the program.

@Deleeh which is right quotation for CMA400i?

Oh is diffuicult to find in Second hand,when yes i goes very fast away.
I have see over the month 2 devices and it was so fast away,and one Device i find it expensiv for 2 years it would 600€ and new cost 800€.
So i say better buy new when possible.

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Any experience with the CMA 400i compared to the RME ADI-2?

The RME has the 4493 chip and the Questylehas the 4490, so there’s a difference. But where else do they differ. Their feedback seems like they are both neutral and detailed.