Any tiny foam tips suggestions?

I’m really frustrated right now. I have tried all sorts of foam tips with the BLON BL-03, even tried using plastic o rings on the stems to get a better fit. Basically all of them fit in my right ear fine, but not a single one fit in my left ear. My family looked and said they can even tell that my left ear opening is noticeably smaller and narrower than my left ear. And apparently my Dad has the same thing. Maybe genetics?
All the tips I tried just fell out, or wouldn’t go in my left ear canal at all, because they were too big.
I have tried all sizes of…
Dekoni tips
New Bee foam
Ikko i-planet
Comply Variety pack.

Of all of these, the closest were the Comply, but they still didn’t go into my ear canal.
The only tips that fit my left ear are the tiny silicone tips that came with my BLONs, but they are extremely uncomfortable and I can’t wear them more than 10 minutes without having to take them out because of pain.
I feel like I am on a wild goose chase to find some foam tip that fits in my tiny left ear.
Does anybody have any suggestions?


The only tips that gave me a seal on the BLON were the small/medium jvc Spiral dot silicone…but they do make an extra small size and they are among the most comfortable silicone tips I’ve tried.

I sold the BLON because of the seal issue and bought the Guideray gr-i58 for $49 and they worked out better for me, most comfortable stock IEM I’ve ever worn.


The silicone itself is what bothers me. That’s one of the main problems, my skin is very sensitive. But I could give them a try. I just wish there were full foam tips that were made in an extra small size.

I hear you. I have a hard time with iem tips as I have long ear canals that are small medium in diameter…so small is always too small and medium is always too large. And different silicones react differently for me. The spinfits tore up my ears, which is a shame as the fit was comfy

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Have you tried looking into Symbio eartips?

I have some symbio tips but they changed the sound too much on my current IEMs. I have them in my box of tips waiting in case I need them.

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Those look like a silicone foam hybrid if I am not mistaken? Wish they were just foam.

Also, does anybody know what size in diameter comply tips are like the comfort series when they say the different sizes for nozzle fit?
100 core
200 core
300 core
400 core
600 core?

They are. I have some on order (I’m in the US, and I didn’t feel like paying $13 extra for tracking, if I remember the price correctly), but we’ll see how long they take to get here.

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It should be the 600. I interchange tips between my 1more and my Blon and in says that the right model for the 1more is the 600 series… Should be between 45 and 50 millimeters (nozzle size).

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Cool thanks. I actually measured the nozzle on the BL-03 and it is almost exactly 5mm across.

My pleasure.

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Well, the closest size available for those comply was 500 core. Hopefully they fit.
I got a bunch of different brands, fingers crossed to see if anything works lol.