Any warm headphones under 400 dollars?

So theres already multiple discussions about this,
but all of the headphones ive heard of are the nighthawks, the aeons, the hd 660s
and the argons, which take tremendous amounts of power to run.

are there any headphones under 400 dollars that sound pretty warm with a really good bass extension?
that, preferably dont short circuit my town?

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how warm are you thinking / hoping for wgg?

what is your current sound chain and what is your source? PC? phone? tablet? Spotify? Amazon HD?

and where do you live? :smiley:

You could go here crinacle's Headphone Ranking List – In-Ear Fidelity and look for “warm”. But yeah, as Marzipan said, how warm, or what do you mean by warm?

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Hm not sure how the market price is for used fostex purple heart, but that would be territory of bass lover’s choice :wink:
Otherwise easy to drive meze 99 is also a choice but that bass does bleed a bit into the mids :confused:

Zeus could be a maybe. Used Elegia or Elex could work or a DCA Open/Closed X used could also maybe fit the bill.

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pc, probably going to be listening through files and spotify, how warm it should be… lets say, whatever comes close to the ldc 2c in terms of warmth, but, just a little warm touch is not bad, whats important to me is a good bass line as i listen to trap/edm, dubstep, electro, camellia cuz its apparently a genre xD and well you get the point.
the chain of headphone doesnt really matter to me all that much as it would technically be my first audiophile headphones.
Since im not a critical listener i dont care all that much for balance, more for the fun really otherwise also known as warm (i know theyre not the same but many people say so). Clarity is always a good thing though, so preferably not overkill warmth because it would make things muddy unless you pay a lot.

Edit: i live in germany.

The issue with the fostex is the power

But in general, the fostex absolutely perfectly fits my needs, literally perfectly…
I just dont have an amp :frowning:

Hmmm never heard of zeus… what is it?

Meze 99 Classics ($310) or Meze 99 Neo ($199). Closed back. Tons of bass. No amp needed to drive. Great build quality.

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I feel like on those its too much bass though… it kinda muds everything else imo

That’s true. But if the OP wants warmth above all else, he/she will get it with the Mezes.

Harmonicdyne Zeus. Definitely warm and smooth, bass extends fairly well, not super low, but definitely not bad.

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I found them nice and clear with good bass. Although you could not add any bass boost or EQ or you would get distortion. I found the 99 Classic’s to be a fun, beautiful, comfortable and Very easy to drive headphones.
They were my mobile/take to work headphones for a few years.

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Hm, with a decent motherboard fostex biodynamic are driveable
But if your in Germany something like Denon ah d5200/7200 could be easier to find on the used market instead of the fostex
The meze 99 should work like a charm with your PC or you could try some beyerdynamic tygr, those aren’t that bassy but definitely a warmer set and also easy to drive

Youre right on that, denons are really easy to find here, they just pricy ;-;

After searching for some months I got my 7200 for 320€ and they are worth that imo
My favorite OTG set and a good listen for fun and when you want some more bass than there should be, sometimes i need to feel it you know :wink: :love_you_gesture:

7200 for 300???

Used market and a good bit of patience :stuck_out_tongue:

Did just see the sivga robin thread pop up and those could also a HP for your preference

Heard they were v shaped, i might look into them