Anybody else own the SC3 Towers?

I have the Sony SC3 towers. 3-way Towers with a decent budget price tag. About $500 for a pair, I think they actually sound pretty good. Not, the most mid-blowing thing I’ve heard but I would say they punch for their price. I’m stuck running them from the companion budget reciever for now, but I’m happy so far. Anybody else have any thoughts? Bass seems good, Sounstage seems decent, Sound resolution seems decent (no DAC yet).

Those look really nice. The nice thing about those is that placement is a lot easier. My E90’s in the living room are huge! Sometimes I think I went a bit overboard. :smile: The upper third of these towers is similar to a bookshelf speaker that Sony makes. Extremely reasonable in price and have received really good reviews. I bet these towers are right on par and sound really good, too. Enjoy those!

I bought these on a whim. I heard the SC3 Bookshelves are amazing. Thought these would be good too. I currently have them crammed into a tiny, cluttered, apartment bedroom and they tend to try to blow me into t he next room if I start cranking the reciever. I think these would hit their sweet spot on some nice smooth warm tubes. Something like the Flamingo and a decent amp.