Anybody have experience with the DT770 Premium 250 ohm?

I’m looking at a set of DT770 Premium 250 ohm and I’m curious if anybody has experience with these? They look like an older discontinued model. I’m hunting for a deal on some DT770 250 ohm and just happened to run across a pair of these for sale and I was wondering if they are worth looking at.

They also made a dt 770 600 ohm but it’s been long discontinued if I recall correctly. The premium is going to be more comfortable, but I don’t think there was a large sonic difference between that and the pro unless they are using 990/880 pads on there

Interesting. I ran across a 600 ohm version also but it was in Canada and it was an auction on ebay with no option to buy it now, I wasn’t committed enough to place a bid and wait 5 days for the auction to end.

Somebody I talked to actually said the black pads did sound different, much more sibilant. With these already being quite sharp I would just stick with the silver pads.

Yeah the 600 ohm is great from what I hear.

Yeah the black pads accentuate the treble and also somewhat remove some staging performance and slight openness. There is also a difference between the silver 770 pads and the silver 990/880 pads, with the 770 pads being a bit thicker and firmer

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here is the link to those 600 ohm ones I found. I’m probably going to hold off but if anybody else is interested in North America it might be worth bidding on:


They are pretty hard to come across

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How is the DT990 600 ohm in comparison?

Ooooh I am really interested in those now.