Anyone done a EMOTIVA XPA gen 3 upgrade themselves?

Hay all, I’ve got a EMOTIVA XPA - 3 gen 3 that I am looking to upgrade to 7 channels with 2 additional stereo cards from EMOTIVA directly. I been in discussion with them and they have said that they can send over the cards directly so I could perform the upgrade myself, however they say they can’t provide any guidance or materials to support the install process. I consider myself to be pretty good when it comes to electronics and software so looking at how there constructed it looks like an easy process.
They have also indicated that doing so would void the warranty and that I need to declare that i’m making that decision before they send the invoice.

Before anyone asks, I live in Australia so i’m not sending the amp half-way around the world so they can complete the upgrade

Just wondering if anyone has performed the upgrade themselves and if so what do I need to consider.