Anyone else awaiting a Chord Hugo 3?

Been a long time coming :grimacing: looked at the Woo WA11 Topaz but i’m really hanging on for an upgraded Hugo2 for my endgame iem driver…

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They tend to go in steps. We got the Hugo TT2 and Mscaler I think last year which stands between it and the Dave.
I think given that their streamers are based on the H2’s form factor and they’re brand new any H3 has to conform to the originals form factor.
I personally expect them to release or announce a Dave 2 before they loop back around to portable dacs again

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mein got…their stuff is unreasonably expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I had to sell a screenplay to afford my TT2. It sounds great but holy fuck the sting of that purchase. It’s also why I’ve also been a bit hesitant to buy more stuff until I build my Editing rig.

Yeah, rumblings running through the web (so HUGE GRAIN of salt) is the next DAVE will incorporate all the stuff from their lower tiers into an all in one package as their TOTL flagship unit
Mscaler tech
Higher power ultra clean headphone out like the tt2