Anyone have any experience with oddball cable retailers?

While I’m not sure that “oddball” is quite the right term for it, I’ve had commercials for keep popping up. I’ve taken a look at them, and what I’m finding is interesting. While it’s nothing super flashy, some of their prices seem pretty decent. They even offer a “custom cable” service, though not in the typical fashion that people here will think of. For example, for TP network cables (Ethernet for those of you not as tech savvy), you can get the ends without a connector, standard RJ45, or shielded RJ45, and the cable can be anything from Cat5e stranded to Cat6 Shielded Direct Burial. Apparently there are 40 different connectors to choose from (metal and plastic, straight and right angled, male and female) for audio, ranging from 2.5mm mono to 5-pin XLR. They also can apperently label each end of a cable.
TLDR, have you had any experience with this, or another company like this?

Well this is very close to DIY… but with service.
Get any cable (what you need) and hook it with what type of connectors you need.
Does not really matter is it network, audio or power (might need proper education & certification for safety).
They probably use standard connectors and cables so, they should work as intended.