Anyone have "Epic Score - Orbital Threat" Anywhere?

Was watching a zeos vid and this occurred;

Adam Beater? //// Fluid FX80 (Z Reviews) +FC10s Sub - YouTube

If you skip to 33:53, a song comes on that he calls “Epic Score - Orbital Threat” (actually the reverse of this, but I did find a band named epic score so I am guessing this is more correct). I can’t find this fucking thing!! The intro sounds so cool!! Please help me find it!! :c

The problem with Epic Score is that their (his?) stuff is aimed at movie production. Most of their catalog is “hidden” so to speak until you put in an order.

I’m willing to buy it, but I have the feeling it will be expensive… and idk where to lol

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Any idea what album orbital threat is in, or how to figure that out?