Anyone have experience with Frugal-Horn designs?

saw a thread on r/budgetaudio about someone who made a pair with 3" horns. very cool and now I’m curious!

There are some pretty cool horn designs out there. I want to say diysoundgroup used to have designs already completed so you wouldn’t have to do a bunch of math. Also take a look into t -line designs as you can make small speakers sound huge with them.

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Interesting. Even more interesting is your profile pic. I didn’t know you were a Victory rider! I am a Vision pilot! Very cool. Ride on, Sir…

Ride on brother, I have a vision as well!!!

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has anyone hear heard a pair of frugal-horn? from info I read on audio 10’s website, they have a licensing agreement for commercial builds using this design.

I have not unfortunately and I don’t believe anyone I personally know has either.

there licensing agreement is just giving them credit for the design and buying software that they used to design them. not much of an agreement, you dont have to pay them a dime.

madisound has similar designed horns in kit form using fostex drivers.

edit: i havent heard either. just something else to look at for you.

edit2: a video with speakers along the same lines

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