Anyone have the Linsoul Peacock P1?

I’ve been curious about these since they were announced, but there have been little to no reviews for them, and I’ve only found them mentioned on sites like Headfi briefly if at all. I admit I love the look of them, and that’s why I’m interested. The fact that they come with both wired and bluetooth options out of the box is interesting as well. So, any opinions from owners out there?


Since u r here I assume you have seen this one but just in case you haven’t

Pretty sure @exowastaken might have a pair, or has at least heard them.

Yeah, was hoping to expand beyond the Bad Guy vid. Was hoping for some personal experience from forum users. Thanks though.

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I have a pair and they are fine. I am not as impressed by them as BGGAR, but they work, have a fine sound etc.
For the price I would fine something else, if it’s only the audio part that matters. They look great and I like to use them also because of the look, just to have something different.

Don’t get me wrong they are far from bad, but having the Tin HIFI P1 and the Campfire Comet’s they are in between price wise but far from both in sound. But today I would get one of those over this. I think it is priced too high, but I guess the BT part of it is the reason.
They should cost $140-150 ish and then they would be a great buy


That’s what I’m kind of waiting for, as from what I have gathered they are a bit over priced. So I just keep checking every once in a while to see if the price dropped yet.

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I just stumbled upon this review:

Soundwise they are slightly overpriced, Whole package wise they might be worth looking at.

I have a pair of them. i can’t use them for long periods of time because they don’t really fit my ears and i get a nasty pressure point from the ‘lip’ they have.
Sound wise, they’re alright. Nice V-ish shaped sound but not losing too much mids. Soundstage feels wide and open, imaging is pretty nice aswell.
Unless you really want one of the funky colors or the included Bluetooth cable, I’d skip them and go for the plastic version of the TFZ no.3 for around half the price. No. 3 sound almost the same IMO, bass is maybe a bit better done on No. 3 and not AS present as in the Peacock P1.

Since they got mentioned alongside Tin P1 and CA comet.
The Tin P1 is a completely different beast, it’s not even in the same ballpark when it comes to bass representation. But Tin has much better detail and imaging. Also needs a lot more power then Peacock.

I didn’t hear the comet personally, but i imagine them being pretty close sound wise. afaik the comet is also a bass heavy/v-shaped sound with a strong emphasis on the low end.

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dug them, the tfz no3 i mentioned and my tin p1 out for some listening because what i said previously was completly from memory.

in just this 3-way, the tin p1 are the most detailed, they also have the clearest treble and communicate a nice depth but lack the lowend a bit, especially in the really deep areas and they need a lot more power the the dynamic drivers, also MMXC plug for the better or the worse

the no.3 have the most engaging sound, it’s a V no doubt there. but they still give a nice feel in the midrange and they communicate stuff like vocals and acoustic guitars better than the peacock p1
Overall a very similar sound, but more detailed, especially in the mids.
Bass is done slightly better, maybe it’s a bit less emphasized than on the peacock p1
Treble is just a tiny bit shouty from time to time but overall still enjoyable and not bothering.

peacock p1 is most certainly the most stunning looking IEM here, still a very enjoyable V-shape but compared to the no.3 they just lose out on almost all ends.
The only real strong point is the treble, while it can get shouty on the no 3, it’s a lot smoother here, but you also lose a bit of airy-ness and some things (some high violin notes for example) i feel like i’m missing out a bit.
Bass is done really well, it not only digs deep, feels like it’s the main emphasis in the set. You get a lot of detail and control in the lowend. however, it’s not f’ing up the rest of the sound at all, it stays in its place and just comes out to play whenever you need it.

listening was done on my fiio m11 pro with tidal, spotify, aswell as flac stored locally played back through the stock fiio player without any EQ what so ever.
I only used 4.4mm Linsoul hc-08 cables if you really care about that


Thanks for the in-depth write up, I appreciate it. I’m not a fan of piercing treble, I have the Fiio F9 Pro and they’re too much in that area for me. Shame because they’re one of the most comfortable iems I have. So actually the smooth treble sounds like a plus to me.

I raffle 95% of my stuff later but P1 are not going away ever.
Sound is quite good. Design and look are exceptional.
If I ever meet one of my Mom’s old friends “Flower child”/Hippie gen…I’d be like…“These are for you…”


Honestly quite sad that this set doesn’t hold up super well compared to my current library. It’s still one of the most beautiful IEMs I’ve ever seen. I know the Peacock/Reecho Spring 1 is the next closest thing, but I hope one day we get to see more affordable beautiful IEMs come out of this line. Bonus points if there are extensive color options like this P1.