Anyone have / use a sit / stand desk?

any advice to offer to help me with looking into them for myself?

The solution is almost always don’t waste your time and just find the right chair for YOU.

Go motorized,
Talked to my Dr about it when I had more significant back problems a decade or so ago.
Short version is standing isn’t better than sitting if you stand in one position all day, but being able to change positions is valuable

You can get motorized frames and various Desk tops, lots of people on Etsy selling the frames with pretty desk tops depending on what you want.
Mines pretty basic, and I don’t remember where I got it. You do want at least 2 memory positions, but most will have that now.

You’ll also want a pad to stand on if you intend to stand for more than an hour or so.


I just got a motorized one very recently from Monoprice. It’s super heavy, sturdy, well-built and easy to put together. Can’t go wrong for $229. Eventually, I will put a nice plank of exotic wood on top and I’m golden.


Totally this. There’s a ton of marketing wank about standing being better for you.

As someone who used to stand 8hrs a day at work, different pains with a different game. For me it was upper back and neck issues versus hip and knee issues when sitting.

It all comes down to how you feel doing whatever you do.

If you want to try standing at your desk, either raise it up on something or just put a big box or something on your current desk to bring everything to height. You can also just use a bookshelf. You still have to make sure your screen is in-front of your eyes, and your keyboard+mouse at your arm’s 90degree angle. Then the only difference is either sit or stand.

Certainly the thing that helped me the most with RSI and Back problems was Occupational Therapy.
Awareness of what you are doing to your body is a prerequisite to fixing it.
The Sit/Stand desk is a nice to have, I used to swap every hour or so, these days I move it occasionally.

I assembled a pretty slick motorized sit/stand desk in a couple stages. In stage 1 it started life like this:

The version I got was shorter than that and designed for preschool classrooms. But the 72x36 tabletop is AWESOME.

Then I got the motorized lift hardware:

These are not exact models I have because it’s been awhile since I did this. I think my lift kit was rated at 300 lbs, for example, which has been helpful with all the Schiit it has to lift. It took about 45 minutes to assemble with the help of the wife and son. I love it.

Just for point of reference I have version 1 of this

But it’s basically the same as the second link in @WaveTheory 's post

the first Amazon link goes to a search for collapsible tables.

second goes to the VIVO lift legs.

In my home office I have a sit down desk which I spend the working day at and on my home machine I have an adjustable desk. It’s mostly in the raised position with a mat and I feel it’s a lot more beneficial than spending the rest of my day just sat at a second computer.

The best thing is to take breaks and walk around every so often if you’re at either desk.

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Yeah, same for me too.

Also, yoga and stretching. But then I work out too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the future I want to get a motorized desk. Mostly because I get tired of sitting for so long. That’s why I get up and do things after a stretch of time, get water, go to the bathroom, chores, ect…

I got standing desks at the office but I found out that decent chair works better for my back. Bought rh logic 400 years ago and it was an investment in my back really. I would not like to not having it anymore. I mean, I know I sound like crazy but this chair changed my life lol

Nah, proper computer chairs are worth their weight in gold. :stuck_out_tongue:


for what its worth Horizon™ 637 LSO - Horizon - Lower Spine changed my life. i would not even be able to function without having used that back brace. something about really cinching it up tight holds everything where it should be and relieves every bit of sciatic nerve pain i have. it restricts mobility quite a bit which is a little annoying but sooooo worth it. also doesn’t work very well while sitting in a chair as the back support is pretty huge and doesn’t flex much but it saved me.