Anyone here growing / raising bonsai?

if you are, what do you have? any pictures you can share?

I’m thinking about starting one or two…indoor and / or outdoor.


well, I joined the bonsai sub-reddit and I’ve learned a lot of interesting things. growing a bonsai is not as simple as you may think…but once you know a few things, it’s not hard, just takes time and patience.

one thing I’m gonna do is start a couple bonchi chili bonzai. there are dozens of varieties / heats that do well as a bonsai and rather than years or decades to see growth, you have something in 4 months.

Ive thought about getting one for my dorm room… whenever I go back… IF I ever get to go back.

I bought a Peace Lily once, its flowers fell off after a couple of weeks (they were still alive, they just fell off) and it just remained a stalk with leaves. Don’t think I’d have any luck with a bonsai.