Anyone here like Guano Apes?

oh yeah, i get it. but it sounds better then amazon or spotify. and has a much better library then roon or the others.

i dont really care about the drama lol. im not sure on most recordings there is actually that much of an audible difference then HD. Certain tracks i can tell for sure though. i think it also highly depends on how it was originally recorded. you can only polish shit so much! But even HD sounds better on tidal then the other major ones to me. to each their own!

edit: the mqa part of tidal is just a little bonus at times. i mostly listen to non mqa as that list is far greater.

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uhh, now you guys got me back to my early 2000 highschool music listening days and ill have to make a grungy teen playlist for the right days :rofl: :crazy_face:


I used to listen to them in the early 2000… Wow so many memories


Listening to the best of album with Audirvana and the R/T headphones.
Holly S… :cold_face: it would have killed me back then to be able to enjoy something like that on my ears.
Boar the cymbal on the drums I’m looking forward to listening with the R/T on the hybrid amp.
When the real boom comes across.
But the R/T really resolves fantastically well on the SS amp with this Musictype.

And then there are the old memories that pass you by.
Kumba Yo…Thanks @Marzipan for reminding me of it, :star_struck: :love_you_gesture: