Anyone here own the epos h3?

I haven’t found any good reviews of it yet, the few video reviews of it are just general tech channels that don’t go into the sound quality a whole lot. I was wondering if anyone here has tried them out and has thoughts on them? I currently use the pc37x for my gaming purposes and have a separate pair of headphones for listening to music because I just prefer having the all in one set up while gaming instead of having a separate microphone on my desk or mod mic. I’m interested in these since they seem similar enough to the pc37x but with better sound isolation so that’s why I’m interested in them. Anyways if anyone has tried these out and would like to share their thoughts on them or know of a good review I missed somewhere I would appreciate either, thanks!

Hello I have not tried the epos h3 but i did own a pair of the pc37x and they were the best gaming headphones i ever owned; have you tried the new and improved pc38x?

I just purchased the h3pro wireless… it’s good. Sound is definitely very sennheiser gaming and features/functions are great. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a wireless version of the pc38x.

I have not tried the pc38x, I generally see everyone say on the internet that’s it’s just a better pc37x with no drawbacks comparatively.

It’s literally just an upgrade yet keeps most of the flaws of the original.

After doing some more headset testing out of curiosity, I’ve concluded that the Logitech G Pro X is my favorite. I would keep that over Razer, Sennheiser, the new master and dynamic, and some others I have tried. This ultimately comes down to preference but I found it the most agreeable to me and the games I’m playing right now (Warzone, Insurgency, Halo, Battlefield, Lost Ark).

not particularly one I encourage, but it is one of the most popular of the gaming headsets. Glad to see you found one you enjoy

@Falenkor I won’t be keeping it. I just did an exploration into gaming headsets versus headphones because it’s been awhile. Definitely some solid value these days but still not something I would push people towards.

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I really wish headsets would step it up more… they truly are the best convenience option. Not everyone likes the idea of amp requirements, dedicated mics, etc.