Anyone here running a 2.2 setup?

what speakers, subs n DAC / amp are you using?

why did you go with those parts?

what do like n dislike?

any regrets?

any advice for someone wanting to run 2.2 as well?

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  • Genelec subs, Genelec speakers.
  • Sonic Reference.
  • Like everything. Maybe dislike size and weight of the beasts, placement has its limits.
  • None and still have my internal body parts.
  • Go for it.

any suggestions for affordable amps thst can fo 2.2 well?

Well it depends of the gear and what is the “want” situation. What is wanted?
If going to active world (in my more simple) . Dac/Pre with volume control is what is needed, if its with XLR outputs (maybe even AES/EBU + subs+speaker that support it) you mainly are in golden territory. No need to worry little things.
Signal chain is: Dac/Pre → Subs → Speakers.

In passive world… dont really know with affordable.
Quality stereo amp (affordable ammount) and everything is simple if it would have subwoofer output.
In my mind.

2.2 as in L&R mains + L&R subs?

That is exactly what I am going for eventually.

If you’re going with all passive mains & subs then your preamp, or amplifiers need to have active crossovers that can run low pass for the sub, unless the sub has an internal passive XO. For that scenario amps from pro audio companies are all I know about. Crown, QSC, Crest, Peavy, Yamaha ect ect. The amp for this needs to be capable of high current, & at least 2ohm stable if running passive mains & subs off of one amp.

Active mains & subs? Mainly pro audio again but a few hifi companies are catching on, & some pro audio companies are marketing as hifi now.

A hybrid system is probably most common in hifi. Passive mains & active subs. In this scenario there are a lot of options. I want to keep everything I already have, my old Kenwood CD player, Singxer sa1 preamp, Avantone cla200 amp, Tannoy xt8f speakers. I want to add active subs with speaker level inputs. These inputs are isolated to be non reactive so the amp doesn’t see any load from them. Any good amp will work. My Avantone is a good SQ amp at the very least, & its old school class AB. Sounds great. I can recommend it, but only on 8ohm mains. One issue with the amp. It has a 3 way switch for stereo/parallel mono/bridged mono. Its not high quality & it took some figitting to get it fixed on stereo. After that no problem.

for subs Im looking at these two from Dayton.

Dayton Audio - SUB-1000L 10" 100 Watt Low-Profile Powered Subwoofer

being passive I’ll need help finding an amp to drive them.

Yes. The used market is so glorious.
You have SO MUCH flexibility in this world.
That said, I did buy a pair of JBL 550P subs recently. When the price is $179 - $199, I just find that impossible to best for music.

You have a space limitation in terms of the sub I’m assuming?

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Minidsp flex is getting good reviews.

yes. so thin / skinny or on-wall and affordable is key.

I would like to try a 2.2 at some point. Will probably get a used DSP or Speaker Management System (DBX 260, maybe?) and then add PA amps and passive speakers/subs from there.

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Yes. Kef R3’s with duel OSD Trevoce 12 subs powered by an Outlaw Audio rr2160 mk2.

The receiver has bass management and thats set at 65hz. It seamlessly ties it all together.

IMO this setup is amazing. The amp is neutral and provides plenty of power. The speakers never sound like like they’re wanting for power. The clarity, detail and dynamics are superb with good recordings. The subs just balance everything out and warm up the sound a little. I would consider the speakers slightly foward without them. With the subs it just turns into detail.

I really like the duel sub setup. They seem to mesh together better than a single sub and sound more full range.

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