Anyone tried the Philips TAG6105 yet? (Gaming Closed-back SHP9600)

I’m curious about the Philips TAG6105, but since i live in Europe, and shipping is 50$, it needs a strong recommendation!
Has anyone tried them?

nope, from my knowledge they had mainly stayed on aliexpress and areas over in asia. Looks to just be a closed back game variant of the shp9500… practically the entire build excluding the mic and closed siding is the same as a 9500. Interesting idea, but since its closed I have extreme doubts that it would outpace the mh751 though I can’t say without trying one myself. Considering how little I have seen this I think it may be hard to find someone with a good opinion on this one.

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I’m amazed how close this recording sounds to the original songs. Like How?! :flushed:

Has anyone tried these in person? Are they really this accurate?