Anything else from Koss worth looking at?

Koss is having a bit of a revival as their products are rediscovered. question is what else is in their line up awaiting its moment?

looking through, I wonder about the PRO4AA…

Drop should check out a Porta Pro and KSC75i run with a higher quality headband, detachable cables n Yaxi pads out of box!

I hear good things of the Koss cl10 with yaxi pads

And I’m trying the Koss ur10i I have it gave it some time hard to say anything about it yet

if you can perform some basic mods you can shove the KSC75 drivers into the KPH30i earcups. I did it and its probably the best pair of KOSS headphones that I currently own. Kramer mod also boosted the mids and bass.

based on looks alone I’ve wanted to try the kph8… but that’s totally irrational

cl-10 looks pretty nice too

zeos has the pro4a for review as well op

why mess with perfection? :man_shrugging: jokes… that’s pretty cool actually

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