Anything like: Woodkid- Iron

Does anybody know of other music with good drums and similar epicness as woodkid- iron. Or good flowing drumming.

most likely not what your looking for. but I used to listebn to iron a lot. great drums with awesome horns to highlight it really adds to the epic vibe to it.
but if you want really good drums heres this song that I really like fro drums

and for epicnot really a drum song I would say this becuase the transition from one part of the song to another is just that pretty awesome.

Probably not as epic but also Agnes Obel makes some great pop/ classical. Also did you listen to woodkids latest album? It’s mad.

I didn’t know of his last album checking right now😃

Btw if U wanna hear some mad drumming check out Alarm Will Sound, an ensemble that covers aphex twin

Oh man i was realy into Gorillaz when this album came out and in particular this song even went to see them live. It also got me listening to little dragon machine dreams.

Is it the one for nicolas ghesquiere or desierto?

For nicolas ghesquiere

The Goriilaz peaked early imho…

Gorillaz I’ve listened to death. Still very :+1:

I wouldn’t say peaked they had a few peaks and valleys but right now they are definitely around the bottom of the peak that was plastic beach. but I do love a lot of their early stuff.

For me

  1. Demon dayz
  2. Plastic beach
  3. The original
  4. Humanz (boring)
  5. The now now (boring)