Apos Audio (online shop)

Is there anyone who orders from them?
Item was supposed to be ship last Dec 2 but as per DHL a tracking# was created but item was not pick-up yet from the seller warehouse, they still need to schedule it.

Thankfully the 1st tracking# was the wrong one.
They sent me a working tracking# and my item is on the way.

I bought something from them a few months ago. Shipping did take awhile, close to 4 weeks I think, but it was legit and did arrive in good shape. Did they ship through DHL e-commerce? Recently I had 2 things shipped internationally that way and the packages, from different sellers no less, showed up at my door before USPS tracking info fully updated.

I paid extra for Priority shipping option (2 to 5 days) as Apos website says.

Well that just sucks. Are you US based? IIRC, Apos is Shenzen Audio’s US distributor/warehouse/store. If you’ve been emailing Apos and they haven’t responded, try contacting Shenzen directly. That’s about all I can suggest.

Thankfully the seller contacted me, seems the 1st tracking # they sent me is wrong one.
The latest tracking # is already updated.

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I ordered from them a few weeks back. The DHL tracking did not work at all for my order. It arrived in around 7 days just fine though.

DHL is kind of weird as the domestic tracking doesn’t work for international shipments.
I usually use the global dhl logistics tracking: https://www.logistics.dhl/global-en/home/tracking.html
or an aggregator like 17track or parcelapps.com.