Apple ipad vs Touch

How good is the Ipod touch for listening to music?
I currently use a discarded ipad mini 3 connected to the Nuprime hi mdac when I’m on the move.

In the hotel I also connect the Little dot 1+ to the Nuprime with the 3.5 to Rca cable.
However, since I already use the private tablet and also the work tablet, I have a total of 3 tablets in my luggage.

From what I’ve seen, the touch is supposed to be a kind of iPhone, except that you can’t make phone calls with it.
Technically, it’s a bit better than the Ipad mini 3.

And it also offers the possibility to use the Apple Appstore.
I was wondering what is better to stay with the ipad mini 3 or to spend 340$ for the touch.

Supposedly there is a new one coming out this year so it might be worth the wait.
What do you think anyway?

I had the earlier generations of the iPod touch and that is basically what it is (iPhone minus the phone). Basically it might just be easier to think of it more as an iPad mini mini though. Basically you get apple’s ecosystem (whether that is a plus or a minus depends on the person), a useless and underwhelming camera, a nice screen, reasonable DAC (though depending on what you are running you might want an amp) and Apple was not so brave and bold as to remove the headphone jack from their music player like they did their phones.

Is it worth the money for the amount of unupgradeable storage… depends on if you ever wanted to be able to pocket your iPad and what that is worth to you.

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