Apple Music Lossless Settings

I did some searching and haven’t located a discussion on this issue. Please point me in the right direction if there has been a discussion on it already.

Apple Music is unrolling lossless streaming as well as spatial audio (as discussed on these forms already). Although Apple did an Apple thing and promoted the release of this as “June” without any firmer dates, it appears as though these features are already rolling out.

I’m having difficulty changing my settings to Apple Music’s Lossless format on my Mac. The instructions indicate to go to Music > Preferences > Playback > and from there select the Audio Playback options you desire. That said there appear to be some hiccups. For one, in order to listen to lossless you require a DAC – no problem, I’ve got my Oppo HA-2 hooked up. If you click on the “?” in the preferences window, it lets you know that for these options to appear a subscription is also required. No problem, I’ve got a subscription to Apple Music now. Hmm… still nothing is showing up for audio playback options.

I’ve read that it will not offer the options for audio playback unless you also have selected an external speaker via the device selection feature. Unfortunately, my DAC doesn’t show up as an external device, but rather as the “computer” audio.

Has anyone here been having similar difficulties with this?


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Are you running the latest MacOS?

2nd this - Updated MacOS and the options were available. Also you need to “settings” > Sound (not music preferences) and make sure your DAC is selected for output (seems you’ve already done that if you’re getting sound from your DAC/Amp).

My real question - When is this coming for iTunes for Windows?!?

The workstation I daily drive is windows - that MacBook is downstairs (not connected to any of my Desktop Listening stuff).