Apple Music or Tidal

So far from what my ears tell me, spotify is just out of this, because some music from spotify that i listen to are of lower quality than apple music. Meaning I can hear hisses, and extra noise, whereas in apple music I don’t. I’ve tried hard to listen to the difference between Apple Music and TIDAL. Tidal obviously feels more superior, because of the ‘M’ badge xD I love tidal, love the app design. I used to be a spotify fan, but the hisses, i’m not a fan of. I still use the free account though to get music suggestions because they’re better at it. However there is a significant price gap between tidal subscription and apple music, with tidal being almost twice the price i think. I’m not a huge fan of the pink in apple music lol. But I want to get the best subscription for the price. I’m not using high end gear btw, but i’m using decent iems and speakers. What do you think?

Is Qobuz an option for you? Its subscription is just $14.99 a month. I’d look into it as an option over Tidal.


The thing is where i’m from neither Qobuz, nor Tidal aren’t available. But I can seem to bypass that through a VPN. Don’t know if Qobuz works though.

My apple music trial is ending this Sunday, and my Tidal trial is ending in around 3 weeks.

Could do the $10 tier within tidal and still get 16 bit/44 khz (wrong, see below)… I havent used apple music in years so i cant directly compare

I think that’s not included in that price.

That’s why I’d recommend seeing if Qobuz worked. Qobuz lowered their price from $25 to $15 due to competition from Amazon Music, but Tidal hasn’t touched their pricing yet. Some on this forum have been more favorable to Qobuz for its quality over Tidal as well. That’s as good as it gets for the price.

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Okay, i’ll check if that works! Thanks!

Yup you’re right… my bad… the premium tier maxes out at 320 kbps… I do wish qobuz was available in canada but that said I’m pretty happy with tidal for the most part

Yeah Qobuz doesn’t work. Can someone give apple music a try and see if it’s decent?

tidal is very inviting but it’s a quite expensive option. I could get koss ksc75 every month for that price lol.

Is Amazon Music HD an option? Don’t know where you live, but that’s another cheaper option. If you pay for prime, the subscription is also lower still, about $12, I think.

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Yeah this as well not an option. The only available option without any methods of vpn bypass is apple music lol.

Okay, well, that’s unfortunate. I’d say that if you have a hard time discerning the difference, I’d just use Apple Music. I just don’t think it makes sense to pay the price for Tidal in your case.

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Well then, i’ll just pay for it (AM)! Thanks for helping me decide! I’ll still keep comparing though, just in case I hear a difference.

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I don’t think theres an audible difference between apple, spotify or tidal premium… just depends which catalogue appeals to you… good luck though

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lol now i’m considering tidal premium because of what you said xD because it’s at the same price of apple music. Can you please help me with something? Do you have spotify?

EDIT: it’s okay i’ll be testing on my own

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Yeah tidal is weird when streaming on ‘normal’ lol, i’m not used to that downgrade in quality compared to what i’m used to hearing lol.

They’re all the same. But Tidal and AM tend to be louder than spotify. I’m used to the tidal and spotify interface more than the apple one.

I subscribe to Apple Music, Tidal, and Qobuz (I’m in the U.S.). Lossless files (in theory) such as FLAC, ALAC, DSD, etc. should always sound better than Lossy files (MP3, AAC). But how much of the actual difference you can hear depends on many factors, such as your own ears, room acoustics (in the case of speakers), and the quality of the equipment you are listening with to name just a few.

In my opinion, Apple Music sounds just fine - especially if you are listening via earbuds, a smart speaker, or something like bluetooth headphones. Throw in an app or some software that does EQ and it can make it even better.

Each of the various streaming services have their own pros and cons. You kind of have to determine for yourself which is “best” for you…

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Gotcha! Thanks a lot!

Im cheap, buy popular “master audio” tracks for appletv, if really like the song i get the CD too. For audiophile stuff i buy the download.

Of course, I choose Apple Music! It has massive copyrights to many songs, and you don’t need to buy them again to listen to them all. Lossless, spatial audio, and Dolby atoms can be listened to at any time. It is recommended to use a headset that can transmit high-quality music for optimal listening. Plus, I use DRmare Apple Music Converter to convert my Apple Music playlists to common formats so I can listen to them on any portable device. Very convenient, suggest to you.