Arctis 9 with bluetooth?

I’m not an audiophile, but none of the youtube reviews I watched cover this question, so I’m hoping someone here might know.

My main question is; When you use the Arctis 9 bluetooth with a computer, does the microphone work or just the speakers? Is the audio latency bearable for gaming, or does it depend on your PC’s bluetooth?

The reason I ask this is because of my situation. What I require is:

-A 3.5mm jack for when I’m on a plane and want to plug into the plane’s audio
-Bluetooth for when I travel and the in flight entertainment requires an app on your device.
-A headset for gaming on my laptop, including voice chat with friends. Since I’m in my living room and I’m moving around, a regular wireless headset would be adequate, but if I could get away with bluetooth and not have to worry about the extra USB wireless dongle, that would be amazing.

The Arctis 9 checks all those boxes, and is a reasonable price. I’d buy a higher end headset if someone has a recommendation.

edit - found a youtube video where he uses the microphone over bluetooth, so that works, but still wondering about quality for gaming and possibly other headset suggestions.

its a blue tooth device as such both speakers and mic work through it.

would think you would want an ANC type headphone for this… arctis isn’t very good at shielding out large amounts of sound like when your on a plane.

its tolerable or it wouldn’t sell. Doesn’t mean its fully acceptable but if its just casual use your fine.

Arctis are alright, Penrose is very nice, the other would be Drop Panda

As far as wireless bluetooth is concerned though, not going to find that much for a gamer… its a bit of a niche area thats mainly seen for gaming headsets and headsets in general are rather poor quality